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May 2019
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 Rules of Clan

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PostSubject: Rules of Clan   Rules of Clan I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 8:51 pm

Rule #1
Discrimination or in simpler terms having a go at someone for a reason that is injust or wrong. The main areas of Discrimination are Racial, Sexual, Personal, Political.

This can range from insulting someone because of their Skin Colour or there Sexuality or Gender, to having Personal issues and insulting someones country in a Racial way.

Discrimination will not be tolerated in US and we do urge members being discriminated against to speak up and talk to the Owners and Server Leaders for help. Any major discrimination will be passed up to Owners and even Supremes and if it does reach me I will be kicking the offender from the clan as this is a very bad rule to break.

End Result: Being Banned From The Clan.

Rule #2 Rude Language
I'm sure evryone knows what rude language is, but telling wat passes as rude and what doesn't can sometimes be confusing. Some clans will let you swear and curse but that can lead to alot of arguements as people start to thinm swear words are directed at them so we take a better approach and do not allow swearing of any kind in US servers or forums. We can however compensate for if you are having a bad day and you get onto E.T wanting a nice game with friends and people start on you that your probably going to get annoyed. If you are feeling down then alot of the time the best thing to do is either tel them your feeling a bit down, upset or angry and it would be best to just let you play.

If people continue to annoy you the best thing would be to just leave it or if they are saying things that are out of line then !mute them but remember to unmute them within a space of 1-10 minutes or it can turn into abuse.

On the other hand if someone does swear give them a warning simply by saying (name) watch the language. From now on there will only be one warning, then if they swear again a 2 minute mute, if they do it again a kick, then if again you ban them for 10 minutes, if they come back and swear again 90 minutes and after that if they still do it just permanantly ban them.

Some clans tolerate swearing others don't but we find the best way in Clan is just to not swear.

Say if you got shot on US Orange and you were to say Damn, this does not count as cursing/swearing as its just saying your a little disappointed someone found you or maybe even saying something like "Damn Nice Shot" then it would be acceptable as you are thanking them.

If a new player comes in and starts swearing they may not know it isn't aloud so no need for a warning just tell them its not aloud, however if they continue after you have told them then the warn, mute, kick and ban process starts.

End Result: The End Result depends on how far the person decides to take it, if they keep swearing then the punishments will get worse. If it is a US member we will be far more stricter as you should know by now it is not aloud.

Rule #3 Admin Abuse

dmin Abuse is when you use Admin Commands in the wrong way to either ruin the fun of the game or make it unfair for other people. When you get higher Admin levels you will be given the responsibility of commands such as !kick and !mute. Commands like this can be used to kick people for the wrong reason or no reason at all or mute them because either you don't like them or even for no reason at all.

The biggest Command used by Admin Abusers is !ban. By using the Command !showbans you can see all bans that have been made. Abusers will normally ban people for reasons such as "bitch" or another offensive word.

If you do have to ban someone for any reason you should put a sensible reason for the ban so people can see why this person is banned. Practically any Command can be abused and this counts for spamming too.

The Admin Abuse Team (AAT) are level 11 users that watch specificly for Admin Abuse.

Admin lessons are avaliable from me for anyone who wants to learn how to properly use their Admin and Commands to properly look after a server, spot Admin Abuse easier and improve their chances of earning a promotion.

End Result: Can be anything from a 90 minute ban to a permanant ban and expulsion from the clan.

Rule #4 Double Clanning

Double Clanning is when you have joined 2 clans atthe same time. We do not tolerate this in US and if you are found out Double Clanning which you will be it will end up with a permanant ban. Most other clans will not telerate this either and if you are caught by us we will contact the other clan and give them sufficient infromation to ban you for double clanning aswell.

So you will effectively be banned from both clans as an end result which makes it a completely useless thing to do.

End Result: Permanant Ban.

Rule #5
Ban Rules: You can ban:
- When someone is breaking the rules (spawnkills, insults...) several
times: (but first warn/splat/kick). The duration of the ban must be
consistent to the gravity of the player behavior.

- When someone is using an aimbot. In this case, you have to
share a demo with prove on forums (BAN PROVES)

- When you think that someone is wallhacking. In this case, you have to
demos proving that he is clearly cheating. To avoid any mistake: If you
ban before post the demos on forums (BAN PROVES),
then you have to post them after the ban. If the demo(s) isn't (aren't)
available on forums, the ban will be cancelled.
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Rules of Clan
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